Roger Stones Woes.

Robert Massimi.
Listening to roger stone on radio today I was reminded of how the Government can wipe out someone’s finances by the law suits that they bring. A successful person, roger stone is now wiped out financially.
It makes one wonder about tort reform. The Government should have to be made to make stone whole, should they find out he did nothing wrong. People in particular should be made whole by the other party should they sue and lose. Like England, you sue snd lose, you are required to pay for the defendants legal fees.
Lawyers have a tenancy to sue arbitrarily. We see this in the case of people like nut job Bob Selser. A real estate lawyer, he was sequestered under the Baker act to an insanisilum. He came out and sued people without basis. In the meantime, people were subjected to paying legal fees.
Our forefathers did not have this legal system in mind when they drafted the constitution. We need tort reform in our country.
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Democrats Would Never Yield, Why Should President?

Robert Massimi.

Why should the president throw in dreamers to the negotiations? Illegal is illegal- plain and simple. If a person does not come in legally, they need to go back. We have set policies for coming into this country. Anyone who does not come in by the standards set, are here illegally.
The president should never negotiate this. Pelosi will not agree to the wall, so the president should not make concessions. Nancy Pelosi just wants to contradict the president up and down the line. She will not yield and neither should the president.
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Trump defends immigration proposal against ‘amnesty’ criticism from conservatives
BY BRETT SAMUELS – 01/20/19 08:46 AM EST 3,499

President Trump early Sunday sought to sell his new immigration proposal, which includes funding for a wall along the southern border and extended protection for certain immigrant groups, amid pushback from Democrats and hard-line conservatives.

In a series of tweets, Trump chastised Democrats for dismissing his plan, and attempted to assuage immigration hard-liners who likened the administration’s latest proposal to amnesty for immigrants already in the country illegally.

“No, Amnesty is not a part of my offer,” Trump tweeted. “It is a 3 year extension of DACA. Amnesty will be used only on a much bigger deal, whether on immigration or something else. Likewise there will be no big push to remove the 11,000,000 plus people who are here illegally-but be careful Nancy!”

In two other tweets, Trump singled out Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for her opposition to the proposal, calling her a “Radical Democrat” and blaming her for the condition of the streets in San Francisco, which falls in her congressional district.

Trump called on Pelosi and Democrats to “do the right thing for the Country & allow people to go back to work” as a partial government shutdown triggered by his demand for wall funding stretched into its 30th day.

Pelosi called Trump’s proposal a “non-starter” shortly before Trump unveiled the details amid media reports that it would include wall funding and protections for “Dreamers” and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients. The deal would also reopen swaths of the government that have been closed since late December.

In a tweet on Sunday, she called on Trump to reopen the government before any border talks.

Trump on Saturday proposed a deal that would include more than $5 billion in funding for a wall along the southern border, a three-year extension of protections for “Dreamers” who benefit from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and TPS holders, and funding for additional immigration judges.

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A number of Republicans were quick to praise the proposal, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said he would bring it up for a vote this week.

Democratic leaders and rank-and-file members were just as quick to criticize Trump’s plan, calling it a “non-starter,” “more hostage taking” and “non-serious.”

The president’s announcement also drew backlash from conservatives, including Ann Coulter and hard-line group NumbersUSA, who compared his suggestion to amnesty.

Updated at 9:39 a.m.


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Theater Review…. “A Man For All Seasons”

Robert Massimi.

“A Man For All Seasons” At The Acorn Theater is a play about Sir Thomas More not yielding his beliefs about God nor mankind. Set in 1530, King Henry the Eighth wants a divorce from his wife,( she cannot produce a son) for the King. More, who has been promoted to Chancellor, lives a very good life with his family. A lawyer by trade, he is the most respected of all the clergy. The King trusts him, as do many of the Catholic religious order. More (Michael Countryman) see trouble brewing, however. More is not only a humble, pious man, but one who can read through people. He knows that the King will want his blessing on his divorce. As More stays silent on the subject, his wife Alice (Carolyn McCormick) presses him to speak on behalf of the King. Sir Thomas, never one to be intimidated, stays mum to the end and loses it all, his home, family and his freedom.

“A Man For All Seasons” is Produced by Fellowship For Performing Arts. It is a New York City Based theatrical production company founded by Max McLean. It’s mission is to bring theater from a Christian worldview that engages diverse audiences. FPA tours Universities as well major performing arts centers across the country.

Written by Robert Bolt (Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia), the two time Oscar winner wrote this deep piece in 1960. The fact that Thomas More would not yield to his beliefs is almost Christ like. He chose death, rather than acquiesce to his fellow religious partners. Neither the King, nor Cromwell (Todd Cerveris) could shake him. Frustrated by his steadfast beliefs, the court resorts to falsities to convict and sentence him to the Tower.

In some of the best lighting I have seen in a long time, Aaron Porter is on the mark in the way the lights keep the audience bouncing from one great character to the next. Brilliantly washed throughout the set, the colors set the tone and mood brilliantly. Porter is spot on in this play.

Theresa Squire does a wonderful job with the Costume Design. She captures the period, but more importantly, she shows us how More has come down in society by his different form of dress when he falls from grace. We also see this amongst his wife toward the end of the play, stripped of her staff, she is at a loss in this life. Squire shows us the demise of the More’s and the rise of Richard. Once low on societies totem pole, Richard has moved up and up in society through his wicked ways.

Christa Scott-Reed Directed this show with great insight as to how each character should be played. From the Common Man, to the King, onto Richard, More’s family, we see brilliantly how each person unfolds throughout this show. Reed has the actors moving on a very economical stage. Without great Scenic Design (Steven Kemp), Direction and Lighting, this play would not work as well as it did.

While all the actors were very good, Harry Bouvy and Michael Countryman were standouts. As the Common Man, Bouvy paints us the picture of what the times were like. He is humorous, conniving, and shows us the life and times of the people in the play. Rather then through us back in time without a life raft, Bouvy explains those times in our time. Michael Countryman was very at ease playing More. He saw all, was confident in his beliefs, smart, warm and loyal. Countryman has us pulling for him as if it was us up on stage going through his turmoil. When England splits from Rome, the times become worse, torturing, people double crossing one another and a distrust in the country becomes the new norm.

The FPA continues to put on great works. This was my third show at the Acorn. All have been well acted, well directed and all have a great message. “A Man For All Seasons” is a two and a half hour resonant bit of history that is well done.

Buzzbleed and the Rest of the Crooked Media.

Robert Massimi.
How can Buzzfeed as well as CNN, MSNBC, continue to lie about the president? When Republicans complained about Obama, it was racism and sour grapes.
90 percent, yes 90 percent of all media given to the president on NBC,CBS,ABC, MSNBCand CNN is negative. Where is the fairness? The balance of coverage?
Some news people are so biased it is embarrassing. Have you read the New York times lately?
People like Jim Acosta, Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer need to report the news and not distort it. Ted Turner when interviewed about the state of CNN, said that it needs to be less political. Turner’s vision was to give the people cable news station, not 24/7 political news. By his own admission, Turner thinks CNN is now doing an awful job in its coverage.
Today, Americans are faced with such bias in the media. Children in school are force fed this liberal crap by teachers as, Americans are faced with an assault of media bias.

As the Islamic State Returns to Guerrilla Roots, The Wall Would be Best.

Robert Massimi.

The Islamic state is returning to its guerrilla roots, as we see bombings in Manbij and Syria. Sleeper cells are responsible for the two deadly attacks in Africa and Syria.  In the last caliphate, a shrinking Deir Ezzour, Syrian jihadist are desperate to keep control their. With the step-up of artillary and air strikes, these radicals are incorporating guerrilla warfare into their war effort.

Reduced to suicide bombings, it is dangerous for civilians. IED explosives were used in Manbij to kill more than a dozen people. Terrorist are now hiring smugglers to take them to Turkey and Europe.

The same comparison can be made to gang members fro South and Latin America trying to cross the boarder in Mexico. Whether its drugs, human trafficking,  gangs or ISIS, we need to be cautious. The president is not wrong to want a wall, or anything else to keep us safe. It boggles the mind why Nancy Pelosi and others are fighting him on this issue.

Thinking that illegals will bring them votes, Pelosi & co are sacrificing our safety. MS13 is one of the most ruthless, formidable gangs in the world. Coming here illegally, they have built up a huge gang presence in the United States. Violence,  drug dealing and intimidation are their hallmark.

By not building a wall,  we risk terrible exposure in terrorism becoming more of the norm on our own soil. Like MS13, jihadists will stop at nothing to build fear into our lives.



Nancy Pelosi

Chuck Schumer


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Where Does Nany Pelosi Get Her Nerve.

Robert Massimi.


With a government shut down, Nancy Pelosi wants a military escort, private jet to Egypt,  Afganistan and Brussels. What exactly was Pelosi going to do in these countries anyway?

Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment to our nation. I firmly believe she has had a stroke. She is often confused,  stammers when she speaks and she seems lost in outer space.

The main issue is….. where does she get her nerve leaving Washington when there is a shutdown? With all the people not getting paychecks, how does she think she has the right to fly private to Europe, Asia and the Middle East?

Nancy Pelosi is out of touch with reality.  She was for the wall, now she is against it.she is for sanctuary cities, but has body guards to protect her. She is a hypocrite in the first order. With a net worth of 195 million dollars,  she talks about the rich as if they are pariahs.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took care of their families, using the Government to get things passed for their families benefits.  Both talked a good game about alternative energy and financial reform,  however, Reids children were in oil and gas and Pelosi s husband ran money, and still does.

It is government workers like Nancy Pelosi who say one thing, yet expect another for themselves. To take a trip now, during rough going ons, is a lack of respect for her fellow government workers who do not get a pay check and who need the money a lot more than her.

Trump was right to cancel her trip for her. How dare she go away at a time like this. Let alone cancel the State of The Union Address so that she can take this trip. Good for Trump. He is a president who takes a stand and sticks to it.

Many are glad that Pelosi looks foolish. Up until an hour before she was supposed to leave, Trump pulled the plug. Her trip was off. Trump said that she was free to fly commercial,  but I think we all know that Nancy would never do that, after all, shes above that.

Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump

State of the union




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Shutdown Lingers.

Robert Massimi.

As the shutdown lingers, the president is rightfully standing his ground. We need to build a wall, it will make us safe, eliminate gang members coming into our country and drugs coming in. The president, unlike most past presidents, is keeping his promise. He promised the wall, most Americans were happy with that promise, as such, he was elected. Until recently, many democrats, like the Clintons, Pelosi and many others, wanted a wall. That is until the president wanted it and pushed it. People on both sides of the isle, especially the globalist are trying to hurt the president anyway they can. Locked up in the Washington swamp, they try to log jam the president .

With great jobs, low unemployment, this shutdown will hurt the economy. I think that is exactly what Washington wants- log jam. Washington is used to malaize, do nothing politics. Trump is moving the ball down the field, shaking things up and the establishment does not like it. It is almost as if they are gloating over the shutdown, hoping that the nation turns against him. It’s not just Pelosi, Schumer and Waters, it’s a lot of Republicans as well. mitch Mc Connell is useless and so are many others within the party.

It is high time that we put term loans in place. These career politicians need to go. Like Harry Reid (he didn’t run over fear of indictment), Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer need to go. Mitch Mc Connell needs to go as well. How can these people who supported the wall, be against it? It’s partisan politics and the usual bull that goes with Washington and the people are fed up with it. The hypocrisy of these people. How can you be for the wall, then against it? It’s like Obama- he was for the war before he was against it. Complete frauds that will do anything to get elected or re- elected.

Washington should be looking out for the safety of Americans, instead they play politics, they play with our safety and freedoms. These pimps in Washington would sell their souls to get elected.  We need to hold these people to there word, we need to remind them what they said, we need to take them down like years ago. Politicians did not get away with the lies they do today. People back in the 60’s, 50’s , even the 70’s would not tolerate it. How did we get such liars in Washington? It is time that we get these low lifes out of office.





Speaker of the house



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